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(Adj) word describing quality of cocaine that is very pure.
Hook me up with a rail of that pearl shit
dodane przez Luke Dog marzec 02, 2004
16 32
the female vagina,clit,pussy,corn hole,thrushole,stank pink etc... used too describe a female vagina its slang
Sharon is from Talahaseee and she eats the Pearl
dodane przez erik510808 luty 15, 2007
30 47
Possibly the greatest vibrator ever made. Has a clear plastic section with real perals inside that oscilate to intensify the stimulation.
Similar to the famous RABBITT 2000
"My boyfriend's gone on tour, so i've had to pull out the Pearl and pleasure myself"
dodane przez drew christx maj 03, 2005
41 58
a bump on a cuban males genatalia srategically placed to come in contact with the clitoris during the act of intercourse.
My pearl helps get her off.
dodane przez Jamie Brown luty 04, 2004
21 38
A term given to a person who only likes to play 1 game online - Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. The user is most likely of the female gender, and gets along with pretty much anybody, and everybody. Their 'light-hearted' spirit brightens the mood of ANY occasion.
She is such a Pearl - just look at her!
dodane przez Karawasa maj 18, 2008
41 59
Of or pertaining to that which is a small, white, and or fluffy animal. female..(tends to purr more often than the male version.. see blu)
awwhh tat kitty id pearl id int she
dodane przez Pierone sierpień 05, 2007
1 19
Used as a synonym for "cool."
Yeah, that's so pearl.
dodane przez 20banker lipiec 25, 2004
29 47