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P.H.I.N.E. - Pretty Hot In Ninja Equipment.

Dude... That's girl's PHINE!
dodane przez MooseOfDoom wrzesień 17, 2005
93 46
phonetic spelling of fine. used when you are drunk.
Are you ok to drive.

Yea, I am PHINE....
dodane przez b. hanback marzec 08, 2008
45 24
pretty hot in nearly everything
she is so phine
dodane przez phiner październik 22, 2011
13 7
Math/Art Nerd Slang: Something that is attractive or good, usually because its dimensions or aspects closely match that of The Golden Ratio, approximately 1:1.618... a ratio that has been described as the mathematical Ratio for beauty. The number 1.618.... is a mathematical constant known as Phi, therefore things that are beautiful ("Fine") are usually also "Phine".
Guy: "Did you see that girl?"

Dude: "Yeah, She was Phine! Her ratios were golden!"
dodane przez Leeloominaï Dallas czerwiec 27, 2013
1 1
Someone that is adicted to someone or something.
Man, Amber is a fuck'in phine!
dodane przez Fina Killaho kwiecień 11, 2005
38 44
Checking your phone for the time.
Wherever Amanda goes, there are no clocks around her to check the time. She has to phine instead.
dodane przez The Kid With Sandisorder luty 18, 2010
6 21