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A Pikie is an inbred Irish gypsy. They can usually be found on caravan sites boning their cousins.
It is advisable not to walk your dog in a pikie infested area as they may steal it and try and sell it back to you at a price of around £5.
They also enjoy picking fights with people and will often use weapons.
A Pikie can be recognised by their crappy clothes, or that fact that their dog leads are made of bail twine.
Their language is also not very clear and it is easy to mishear a pikie.
That fucking pikie stole my dog.

Snatch The Language, its not English, its not Irish, its just.....Pikie.
dodane przez Morgan marzec 25, 2005
The word pikie has nothing to do with townies, or anyone who owns a house for that matter. A pikie is infact a kind of gypsie, one whos father is also his brother. They tend to be very violent and think everything in the world has a "five pewnd" value.
Son its a pikie, run for your life if you value your testicles!
dodane przez anon marzec 24, 2005
a Gypsy, or traveller.
uummm... the pikies are in the pikie camp?
dodane przez Lauz lipiec 14, 2004
The same as "pikey".

A) A derogatory slang term to mean any type of gypsy, synonymous to "gypo". (This is the original meaning, though it is now far less common).

B) A member of society that is BELOW WORKING CLASS as they usually live by benefits, in council housing and do not hold employment. One of many localised terms for the same people that has now become popularly labelled as "chavs". They are the absolute dregs of modern society; they contribute nothing and take as much as they can. It is a common misconception that all working class are pikies, this is not the case.
These are usually the descendants of gypsies, so there are many similarities between the 2 definitions, including jewellery such as large medallions, sovereign rings and large hoop earrings; as well as disregard for the law of the land, overwhelming cowardice and lack of any form of morality.
Synonyms include, "townie" (modern meaning), "chav", "scally", "NED", etc. For a detailed description, research any of these terms.

"Travellers", i.e. people who chose to live in caravans to avoid paying tax may or may not be covered by definition (A), but this is rarely an issue as they are usually covered by definition (B).

The antonym to "townie" (traditional meaning; anyone who lives in an urban/suburban location) is "bumpkin" (anyone who lives in a rural environment), not "pikie".
Pikies have moved into the neighbourhood, there's horse crap everywhere

Some pikie started on me the other day; all bark, no bite, that lot, bloody dolescum cowards.
dodane przez KX36 listopad 02, 2006
retarded townies who attempt to insult you by saying 'ya mum' and 'stupid grebo'. they drive around in there 'phat' novas or renault 5's. i have also noticed how all there girlfriends are always atleast 4 years younger than themsleves and hence why they like hanging around middle and high schools.
oy watch it ya stoopid greebo ile nife ya cus im a wel phat pikie innni
dodane przez seb grudzień 07, 2003
a term used for a common, unfashionable looking youth, usually wearing unsurpassable amounts of gold jewellery and reebok 'classics'. Will loiter on public roads and outside kebab shops way passed bedtime. Will wreak havoc for no apparent reason i.e smashing shop windows and graffiti-ing. Usually live on/near council estates or in mobile homes
Don't leave your car there, pikies will jack it.
dodane przez Treatz czerwiec 06, 2003
to steal, or obtain something. A synonym of Blag.
Yeah Jordan well pikied it from Tesco
dodane przez Stephope lipiec 23, 2008

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