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A leader of men.
Roy Keane was a bit of a Pogba, wasn't he?
dodane przez Malcolm Glazer lipiec 10, 2010
7 2
A man who secretly listens to feminine songs such as "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga, publicly announces that he supports football teams such as Arsenal FC but secretly roots for the enemy such as, but not limited to Chelsea FC. This man also has the uncanny ability to pull beers out of jeans pockets.

This man also has a striking similarity to critically acclaimed actor Joe Pesci who stared in movies such as Casino, Goodfellas and Home Alone.
Guy1 : After Arsenal draw 1-1 and Chelsea crush their opposition 7-1. I assume you are very happy with todays results pogba

pogba: Definately . . . no wait i didnt mean that.
dodane przez zhaff2004 styczeń 27, 2011
4 1
Someone who adds extra emphasis to the letter "T" at the end of each word.
Guy 1: "Guys, thaT match lasT nighT was brillianT!! Wayne Rooney is as strong as a sack of meaT"

Guy 2: "Thank you for that, Pogba"
dodane przez zhaff2004 styczeń 27, 2011
3 0