Also known as the Red God, Triangle Head and Red Pyramid. One of the scariest characters in the Silent Hill francise. Satan is his bitch! You can't escape him, and he'll find you even when you SLEEP! (and he'll probably rape you, and your pets)
*One, two, Pyramid Head is coming for you*
dodane przez Annie20 maj 11, 2009
His real name is; Xuchilbara. Also known as Red God, Pyramid Head.
He is an immortal demon and Samael's handyman.
Pyramid Head is a grotesque, horny pervert bastard who
wears a large pyramid/ triangle helmet which hide his face from others.
He also carries a big knife, wears a dirty butcher's apron and black/brown boots.
In spare-time, when Pyramid Head doesn't hunt James Sunderland, he usually rapes.
And when he does, he likes put his "thing" inside other
creatures when he get his hand on them..
But strangely some may think he's kinda sexy........ ~_~;
Arghhhh!! What the hell is he doing?! Why is he leaning on that thing?! Is he...Oh no, he's gonna stick his "thing" again!!!!
dodane przez Horny Devil marzec 26, 2004
Basically rapes anything that he sees, no matter if it moving or not. (cause we all know that dead people are game for ANYTHING!!) He also wields a large knife (aka Great Knife) or Spear. He wears a huge tetrahedron, covered in blood, on his head and a bloody apron and black boots. He chases James Sunderland through out Silent hill 2. You first see him in room 307 in the Woodside Apt. He is raping two mannequin.
We all know Pyramid head wants to rape James dead body ~ me

Your not friend with that red pryamid thing?~ James talking to Eddie in room 101 in woodside APT.
dodane przez Aleca grudzień 29, 2007
One scary fuck, he torments James Sutherland throughout SH2. he generally know as Pyramid Head or Xuchilbara <The Red God>, but i like to call him Sink Head. He is the embodiment of James' Fears and a raging Necrophiliac
Pyramid Head rapes the dead and than chases you around? WTF is up with this guy?
dodane przez Dankujo październik 15, 2007
Pyramid Head is a villian from the video game Silent Hill. Silent Hill was later turned into a movie and Pyramid Head is included in it. He carries an 8 foot knife with him wherever he goes. After an air-raid siren is played alarming everyone that he will come out, the only safe place from him is the church.
Uh oh! Is that the siren? We'd better run before Pyramid Head comes!
dodane przez Alessa's Promise grudzień 05, 2011
an ex-comune demon that is near immortal. Pyramid Head has a large pyramid/ triangle helmet which mask the demon inside and gives it the notable name. Carrying a heavy simatar like sword, Pyramid Head is a relentless fuck in silent hill 2 that stalks james throughout the game, and is described as the scariest fuck you'll ever meet.
scarry ass raping fuck with a sword and scary helmet: first seen in the hotel
dodane przez Nico luty 14, 2004
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