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Stands for Rust Belt Mother Fucker. A phrase used when talking about people from Ohio, most notably students from The Ohio State University. These slapdicks refuse to recognize the inferiority of the Big Ten (wait I count 11?), and act surprised when teams from the south make their Buckeyes look mediocre and slow. RBMF’s fail to comprehend how defensive linemen in the SEC are faster then everyone on their team. RBMF's are scared to death of having a conference championship game.

Sociologically, RBMF's are bitter that their moms lost their jobs when the factories shut down, that their dads' farms were foreclosed and repossessed, and that all that remains of their childhood is a rusted tractor body (the wheels were burned to provide heat during harsh winter).
RBMF: I've got my soda pop and beer and I'm headed to the Shoe! We're going to win!

College football fan from the South: You probably will beat Northwestern today. Congrats. What happend when Texas came to the Shoe?

RBMF: Who cares?!?! We're going to dot the I today!!

College football fan from the South: RBMF.
dodane przez Richtoria's Secret marzec 17, 2007
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