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An inferior being of some sort and a word that is now being said by everyone
That kid is a rat goof
dodane przez ratgoof lipiec 21, 2011
1. Basically the word rat (snitch) and goof combined .The word goof in “ratgoof” is not necessarily referring to the prison term goof but rather an inferior being that’s a waste of skin.
2. The lowest form of all kinds of snitches or informants. A ratgoof is no regular informant or rat but it is the worst kind and is the most non-loyal, backstabbing snitch. These kinds of rats will rat you out for absolutely any reason or any opportunity they get for virtually any reward including a false sense of self worth and they suck up to any authority figures alike.
1. Guy 1: Dude guess what. My buddy told me that he wanted to sneak into the school and have a party and he even had the plans that he showed me. I then told our principal for $100. That’s right. I sold the guy for $100 and that will go for my sled gas money or something.

Guy 2: Wow you’re a fucking ratgoof, buddy!

2. Guy 1: Hey I was at my new friend’s house and I didn’t even realize that he was growing a weed crop and he had a stash of guns too! I then called the police, crimestoppers and even let his grandma know. Guns and weed are bad and I want to do good.

Guy 2: You’re not doing any good. You’re a fucking ratgoof and don’t ever come talk to me again. I don’t associate with ratgoofs!
dodane przez Nosnitch lipiec 30, 2015
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