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A female who is just. ew. this person may wear clothes with holes in them but "didnt know" and play it off as it just happened a few seconds ago. comes to school wear a sleeping cap as a beanie. thinks she the baddest of them all. is stank either smells like fish, booty or just stank! comes to school with one nail on and all the others missing. her tracks show is the back. does the most stuppidest things and wears the cheapest weave and calls it "remmeny". also she may lie and be like "yeah we talk every other day" no bitch. he texts you to ask you what the homework is or if you can give him the answers. also someone who tries to fye on others about they dresscode, when she comes to school wearing orange brown and pink. if yall gotta bitch like that then this is called a RATCHET FEMALE.
"Ohhhh girl yess! i just got my herr done yesterday! its that good good, that remmeny!"
"bitch that aint remmeny thats that cheap shit! GIRL YOU RATCHET ASS FEMALE"
#ugly #stank #ghetto #female #dirty
dodane przez candimfcanee luty 07, 2014
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