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Predominantly name of a Hindu boy, close to Ravi, which means Sun.

With the "N" at the end, the name loosely defines to Lord of the Sun.

Ravin is also given to boys who are funny, outrageously outgoing and always up for a laugh. They hide no shame in their sometimes Stiffler like jokes.
That's hilarious.

That's something Ravin would do!
dodane przez birdcage323 maj 11, 2010
ravin is the abbrevation used for ravishing typically used to define extremely beautiful or attractive; enchanting; entrancing.
she looked ravin
dodane przez leoravin maj 05, 2011
na thats ravin
dodane przez witts.inc czerwiec 03, 2003
meaning really excited
omgod!!!! i am so ravin to this weekend!!
dodane przez Laurie styczeń 20, 2005