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Somali Bash Gang. Originating in Minnesota, the SBG likes to bash Somalians.
waddup basher? you tryin to go bash some somalians SBG
dodane przez yeaa buddiiee październik 26, 2010
Sneezing Book Girl.
A girl who when holding a book and has to sneeze will hold the book up to her face sneeze in between the pages. Also keeps her coffee in a mason jar and brings it around with her.
Look it is SBG in never letting her borrow my book again.
dodane przez Bromlol listopad 04, 2009
S=Straight B=Bisexual G=Gay. Used to determine the sexuality of someone on an internet chat room. Usually to make sure they don't offend anyone
You: Hey!
Stranger: ASL?
You: 19 M US
Stranger: SBG?
You: S
dodane przez sdfkjlsdfjnlsdf październik 04, 2011
sudden breast growth syndrome, in other words: the act of a persons breasts becoming larger
Bob: Looks like she has some SBGS going on over there.

Joe: Yes indeed!
dodane przez DeltaSigma kwiecień 23, 2009
Small Boob Girl.

She's actually not that bad looking. No, really. Well some people LIKE small boobs. So there.
SBG says Hi!
dodane przez Zell Fze luty 23, 2010
Should be good
I've got a track race tomorrow, sbg.
dodane przez neeltheelectriceel styczeń 11, 2011
Sperm Burping Gutter Slut
That girl on the street looks like a SBGS.
dodane przez Courtneyrox luty 03, 2009