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Formerly, this city was the capital of Republic of Vietnam. Saigon was called "the Pearl of the Far East" or "Paris in the Orient". In 1976, upon the establishment of the unified communist Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the city of Saigon (including Cholon), the province of Gia Ðịnh and two suburban districts of two other nearby provinces were combined to create Hồ Chí Minh City in honour of the late communist leader. Now, Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Sai Gon, is very cosmopolitan. Here in HCMC, you can find a lot of communities such as the Chinese one in Cho Lon area, the working-classes near the industrial zones, the upper class in District 7, to name but a few.
You call those things happiness", the Vietnamese said, "then you two still don't understand life at all. Imagine this. You are sleeping soundly at night in Saigon. Then suddenly you loud voices of the friends, 'man, wake up and open the door!'. Awaked with curiosity, you rush out and open the door. Right there, your pals ask you to join them and drink at a pavement diner over night.
dodane przez quan cao tien sierpień 18, 2010
One of the best (if not the best) underground rappers going right now. Saigon has unbelievable lyrical ability and has been given praises from both Jay-Z and Nas. His first true album, "The Greatest Story Never Told", is supposed to drop at the end of summer '05 and its executive producer is Just Blaze.
It's been a long time comin', but I'm about to change thangs/ holla at these kids who like to gang-bang/ whether you real wit it or just playin' games/ whether you maintain or bangin' that thang-thang/ if you bumpin' this in in your whip you should change lanes/ slow up and get your brain on the same frame/ we all bleed the same blood through the same veins/ we all need the same love, feel the same pain.
dodane przez The Arch Duke of the Riva sierpień 27, 2005
It's the old name of the capital of the South Vietnam. Now, its name is Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnam has this name during the Vietnam War. But when the Vietnam War ended, the the South Vietnam'capital'name was changed into Ho Chi Minh to honor Ho Chi Minh, a hero who contributed so much to end the war.
Many people in saigon went to America after the Vietnam War.
dodane przez Trang Nguyen listopad 05, 2005
1. one of the sickest underground rappers today that is lyrically respected by most rappers. rumors passed that g-unit tried to sign hiim but he turned down the deal.

2. NOT the capital of vietnam, the capital of vietnam is Hanoi
1. damn that letter p jont by saigon is fukin sick as fuk featuring the legendary kool g rap got damn ive been bangin this for 5 hours straight I POP A PUSSY PERSON FOR PURPOSELY PURPETRATIN HELL YEH

2. i visited the capital of vietnam, hanoi, during my summer vacation
dodane przez mr hillbilly joe brown cracker jack kwiecień 03, 2006
A NY rapper signed to Atlantic Records.
Ayo money, Saigon is NICE!
dodane przez Spen wrzesień 05, 2005
Famous Russian hippie bar, situated in former Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg nowadays). It's named after South Vietnam capital because USSR supported North Vietnam (its capital was Hanoi), so it was done as a kind of slight and not-so-obvious oppositional act.
- Well, let's hang out at Saigon tonight.
- Who's in there?
- Greben'.
- Wow, it's cool!
dodane przez Black the Translator maj 28, 2007
The Capital of Vietnam. It is also known as Far East Asian Pearl. It's a Westernized City, largest city in Vietnam.
Saigon is beautiful as ever.
dodane przez Saigon maj 18, 2005
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