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The goofy grin you get on your face when talking to/of the one you like/love.
They all knew she was texting her boyfriend under the table while playing Apples to Apples when they saw she was schmeeping.
dodane przez Ameliantha listopad 27, 2010

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A word that is used as it's own sentance. The technical definition: "schmeep" is just "schmeep".
*giggle* schmeep! *giggle*
dodane przez Valerie marzec 31, 2005
(noun) an offhand term or casual reference for sleep. Usually used in the pejorative sense, suggesting sleep that will be nonexistent or minimal at best for the speaker.
Sleep, schmeep -- I don't have time to rest with the 50 projects due tomorrow.
dodane przez zoobarg listopad 19, 2003