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(n) A schwab is a person generally of the female gender who is a slut or dirty skank.

(v) To schwab something is to make it extremely loose and/or wide. (normally referring to a vagina, but can work for anything)

(adj) Something that is schwab(esk) is "loose" or whorish.
dodane przez Smokin Ice Cube luty 14, 2009
362 45
A schwab is a penis that is wider than it is long. aka a tuna can.
I don't know if the sex was good. It was wierd. He had a schwab.
dodane przez Captain Correct styczeń 12, 2008
427 119
A girl version of the douche bag
Dude you're new girlfriend is such a schwab!
dodane przez Wesd marzec 03, 2008
400 95
The act of performing oral sex on a male.
Hey baby wanna schwab tonight?
dodane przez khsmile4 sierpień 06, 2011
363 65
a Crazy stalker.
That Schwab won't leave me alone!
dodane przez Towarnu styczeń 01, 2010
342 45
n. one who finds satisfaction in spoiling the fun of others with no clear motive; an extremely uncool preson.
"Your neighbour is such a schwab for calling the cops on your party."
dodane przez catastrophysics maj 29, 2006
381 85
verb: to tell complete falsehoods with no regard for the actual truth. Most often used in layers of falsehoods.
I heard we're serving lobster at the company celebration this friday at lunch.

Dude, you're schwabbing me, there's not even a celebration, much less lobster.
dodane przez Kyle Faber sierpień 17, 2007
343 49