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Slang used to refer to someone's ass.
>"Damn... look at that ass!"
>"Yeah, nice seats on that one!"
dodane przez MrZebraMan grudzień 10, 2010
colloquially used to describe a person with a penchant for lying flat on their back and offering their face as a female's chair or resting place in anticipation of the double-glazing that will hopefully follow, generally for the entertainment of others and occasionally in exchange for money.
You're a fucking seat!! Woo!!
dodane przez Seaty McSeat marzec 12, 2008
1- Any raised object on which one may rest the buttocks and legs by climbing upon.

2- Spain's national car
1- Take a seat

2- The Seat Leon is pretty fast.
dodane przez Gumba Gumba kwiecień 13, 2004