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this crazy sexy cool ass nigga who can be a sweetheart as well as an asshole. hard to stay mad at but easy to love
damn that shakir!!he get away wit everything!
dodane przez anonymos123 styczeń 13, 2009
108 27
noun: a very handsome man; a very cute man; a fun loving guy; a genuine ladies man; a funny guy; a guy with many talents; a guy with a gigantic penis; a guy who can hit a girls g-spot, , A sweet guy; a straight guy; a deep guy; a guy who is very amazing in bed; a guy who can fuck any girl he wants ; a guy who normally does stupid things; A very phenomenal kisser;
"God, Shakir you were so good in bed last night!"

"Yeah he was really Shakir to me."

"Woah, look at the boy Shakir."

Person1:"hey,look at Shakir".

Person2:"man,i wish i can be a Shakir :("
dodane przez j-mola543 luty 27, 2010
81 14
A lowly peasant
"He is a shakir"
dodane przez lowlypeasant1414 styczeń 14, 2014
2 10