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The epitome of swagg. If you have reached the state known as "Shoman", your life is complete.
Dude, that guy was in completely Shoman last night. Too bad he lost it the next day.
dodane przez AAAtriple luty 16, 2010
A tribe of people from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, known for their large genitalia, affable sense of humor, generous nature, and large frontal lobes. Known for a predisposition towards rockfish, blue crabs, and the best oysters in the world. Have the ability to fight with one another, then buy each other drinks afterwards.

Shomen are not usually afraid of dogs, especially those that are in the house or chained up, so if you are looking for your dog to scare away Shomen, think again. Shomen will go to great lengths to get to your garbage, some even breaking through doors to get at it. If you are going to keep your garbage inside in a garage or shed, be sure it has strong doors that can't be easily pushed in by a Shoman.

An increasing neighborhood nuisance, believe it or not, is the Eastern Shoman. Now, when you think of Shomen, you may think of the deep woods, the mountains or maybe the zoo, but I'll bet you never think of back yards. More and more Shomen are venturing out into neighborhoods as their habitat steadily declines and they become less and less afraid of people. In most states, it is illegal to kill Shomen and so they really have nothing to fear when it comes to humans.
Shomen, who usually try to avoid people, are becoming braver and braver, even strolling through back yards in broad daylight. Shomen have even been seen in school yards and shopping mall parking lots. Shomen are not usually a threat to people and there really have not been many reports of Shomen attacking people unless they are threatened or cornered, but you don't want to take the chance of having one in your yard to attack your children or pets. If a child or pet runs around a corner and surprises a Shoman, you never know if that Shoman will run away or attack.

If you have a baby, you should know that Shomen are extremely attracted to the smell of dirty diapers. Ammonia should ward off the Shomen from your garbage and keep them from coming back to your yard, since their easy feast will now be ruined.
dodane przez SkipM lipiec 27, 2011
A relatively smart boy, with international heritage, who has no street smarts whatsoever.
Shoman: Wow! That hydro-molecular compound is reacting venomously with the addition of the genetically-modified feces!
dodane przez ywindlass kwiecień 26, 2009
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