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The act of having sex using, with and amidst several of your favorite food groups. Safely, you must put down a shower curtain or similiar human/carpet barrier, and then enjoy a variety of puddings, cakes and similiar delicious edibles with your chosen mate.
Dude, we definately got to sloshing last night and ruined the couch. The chocolate pudding will never come out.
#sex #freaky #food #messy #pudding
dodane przez thejackalope wrzesień 27, 2009
The term for female masturbation. The equivalent to fapping but directed to females.
Fae gets off by sloshing to her boyfriend from Canada via webcams.
#sloshing #slosh #sloshes #female mastubation #masturbation
dodane przez UwarsBetty marzec 12, 2008
the act of fingering but when your fingers get tired and cramp and the male ends up moving the whole arm to try and imitate the desired motion. One could say its like small punches to the vagina. Commonly confused with fisting.
Connor ended up sloshing shelly into a coma.
##vagina ##sloshing ##sorrynotsorry ##finger ##rectum
dodane przez the all knowing phantom marzec 03, 2012
(v) waiting until it has snowed an assload and then melted down into slush just so you can go out in your car and speed through the huge drifts of slush spraying it onto other cars. Master sloshers can slosh so well the victim will need to get out of his/her car to wipe the their windshield off with their arm.
Isn't that annoying blonde chick with the glasses you just said hi to the one we hit last time we went sloshing. DUDE she was totally pissed, we got her so good she had to wipe her windshield off with her sleeve!
#sloshed #slosh #slush #slushed #slushing
dodane przez YeoYoungLee październik 20, 2010
also refered to as "shlocking," is the act of throwing Slurpees, or other forms of slush drinks, at pedestrians from the inside of a moving vehicle. While the origins of this activity are heavily disputed, the south shore of Suffolk County, Long Island has been known to be a hotbed for this unfortunately hilarious action.

Widely accepted best practices include the use of 7-11's convenient 4 drink cardboard carrier. Small slurpees are said to be the superior size for sloshing, as they easiest to throw and less likely to come apart prior to impact. Hotspots for such activity include movie theatre lines, high school house parties, college campuses, and retirement communities.
"I was super pissed that I wasnt included as a pallbearer, so I took off that stupid frisbee hat, hit up 7-11, and positioned Marty's dumb family at the wrong end of a gnarly sloshing session as they left the synagogue.
#sloshing #shlocking #slurpee #slushee #7-11 #prank #slosh #sloshed
dodane przez sloshaholic listopad 06, 2010
equal to masturbating, jerking off, and ect.
So my mom caught my grandma sloshing last night!
#masturbating #jerking off #tickling the pickle #slapping the salomi #fapping #jerkin
dodane przez Damien Destruction grudzień 22, 2009
(v) to come on to, hit on, or pursue another individual in an overt and/or unwanted manner

can also be used as a noun; slosh. an annoying crackwhore
I hate the way your friend Melissa is sloshing on Enrique, our hot pool boy.
#slosh #hoeing #annoying #jocking #unwanted
dodane przez chachi j. styczeń 31, 2006
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