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To Fart, have flatulance, bad wind etc.
Dude, why did you squeeze cheese - that stinks !
dodane przez Zeflar lipiec 01, 2004
To make a gaseous expullation, whereas the title refers to the squeezing of buttcheeks together, and the cheesy smell of the gaseous output.
Dude, if you're gonna fart, gonna squeeze cheese, let me know, I'll hit the fan.
dodane przez The_Heartbreak_Kid styczeń 13, 2006
Fart only to fart that little bit extra and actually shit yourself a bit.
dodane przez Starsky lipiec 30, 2003
Trying to expel a fart using force, usually with the intent of creating or maximizing noise.
When the movie theater got quiet, I tried to squeeze cheese to get a good laugh.
dodane przez Two11two październik 15, 2008