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A rletively chill IAC school. Unlike Prep (a bunch of guido fucks), Landon (faggots), EHS (douche bags who don't have cars or loving parents. party at chicken out guys!), Bullis (the epitome of maryland trash, this school should be in south jersey), and stalbans (gay douche bags. tim russerts kid goes there, thats says enought, those fucks). The Saints excell at drinking and girls sports. The main difference between SSSAS and the other IAC schools is that altough we can all get into good colleges based on our high schools, Saints aren't faggots. And TC people are poor, so they don't get to have an opinion about our school, they can only get ready for their next class in gas pumping or minimum wage job working 101. those proletariat fucks.
St. Stephens and St. Agnes kids are chill, unlike the rest of the IAC which makes me want to tightly grasp the soap and make sure it doesn't drop.
dodane przez rushlimbaugh listopad 29, 2004
Typically Wealthy students who play sports. Girls:Play lax and Field Hockey Boys:lax. Girls kick the guys ass in sports. the girls are the jocks. Guys are mostly dush bags, but not all. Girls are also more attractive than the guys. Very competitive and academic based and did someone say alcohol?
EX: You go to "St. Stephen's and St. Agnes"? you must be smart and athletic.
dodane przez gfusydgfcb styczeń 15, 2009
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