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Niteshade. A guy who helps people with stuff.
Sorry, Kevin, I couldn't resist.
dodane przez Mikhile wrzesień 23, 2004
8 93
The worlds cheapest superhero, Anyone could make him up.
Superman never gets his ass kicked, o i crave a kryptonite bullet!
dodane przez Fusion wrzesień 30, 2003
30 115
Refer to Caio
dodane przez chingo marzec 31, 2003
9 94
to take your partner on top of a buildng have sex with them from behind then throw them off.
caitlyn got the superman from doug.
dodane przez Tommy88 grudzień 07, 2006
56 142
A technique of drunk urinating which involves using no hands and an adequete amount of precision. It is the leading cause of yellow shoes and slippery bathroom floors. Oh, and don't forget that gay guy that wears tights and has an S on his shirt.
I killed my grandma due to negligent supermanning.
dodane przez William Stephens kwiecień 21, 2006
52 138
When your fucking a chick doggystyle, but her face is down on the ground/bed with her ass in the air, then your get on top of her and raise your arms and legs.
I was fucking this chick doggystyle and supermanned her ass.
dodane przez Fred Reyes luty 18, 2005
69 155
v. to take a girl, most commonly a ho, into a phonebooth for some sweet sweet loving
I heard that Clark Kent supermanned Lois Lane on main street
dodane przez Da'Cliffaux listopad 17, 2007
17 104