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TTLY means "totally", which is usually used in msn lingo. this is commonly confused with TTYL which means "talk to you later".
no way colin, she's ttly not a biz-natch. she just doen't know anyone.
dodane przez BigRigMerhe luty 06, 2008
short-form for totally
"Isak is shit."
dodane przez pr00t styczeń 16, 2004
Commonly used on instant messaging, an abbreviation for "totally". Most often misread and mistaken for ttyl.
Jack: r u comin ova later??
Jill: ttly
dodane przez smurph lipiec 30, 2006
short form for cantonese word toh toh lan ye, 多多懒也

lingo for DDLY

direct translation - alot of cock

definition - talk alot of cock
when u hear someone boasting, he's definitely TTLY a lot.
dodane przez im3zero sierpień 02, 2012