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The opposite of "Take It Easy", said with a snarly, vindicative purpose. Commonly used when dismissing someone you don't like.
Mike: Later dude.
Joe: Take it deep.

Simple, yet effective.
dodane przez jgor4@yahoo.com sierpień 11, 2007
Could be used as a greeting or an obscure insult not to be picked up on. Often confused for Take it easy.

Also as a sexual inuendo in the right form. See example 2
1. I can't get breakfast after 11 AM? That's okay, Take it Deep!

2. Take it deep in the heart of the browneye!
dodane przez sect0r wrzesień 03, 2006
international way of saying goodbye
hey buddy take it deep!
dodane przez Anonymous październik 05, 2003
what half of shadow mountain does on friday/saturday night
Ms A: Todd, move up here, now!
Me: WTH? Take it deep
Jamoo: pretty much...
dodane przez pretty much? marzec 02, 2006