the stupidest emo pussies around. the worst emo group and i hate emo and these guys even suck at it. they arent punk you stupid idiots.
DJ:You're listening to Gay Rock 96.1 and lets play some more shitty emo crap for ya guys like taking back sunday or another shitty emo band like hawthorne heights. You're listening to Clear Channel's Gay Rock 96.1!
dodane przez TBS suck alot of dick luty 28, 2005
I read some of the definitions and I was like whaaaaaa

Taking Back Sunday is NOT emo and someone even said screamo that made me laugh??

It's a pop punk band. Similar to like my chemical romance or something.
Emo: bright eyes, cursive, copeland, northstar, veda, danger:radio (kinda) etc
Screamo: daughters, the number 12 looks like you, dance massacre, saetia, wecamewithbrokenteeth etc
Pop-punk: taking back sunday, green day, my chemical romance, simple plan etc

hopefully that clears some things up!!
dodane przez ihaveblackhair listopad 13, 2005
Overrated band. Let it go you teeny boppers

In high pitched voice "the truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last breath i'd apologize for bleeding on my shirt!"
They aren't even emo. They are shitty
"oh my god that band sucks!"
"yeah they pulled a taking back sunday!"
dodane przez Yo.. it's Jonny luty 12, 2005
this is a terrible band. If you like this band, you probably a complete idiot who thinks that being emo makes you cool. i bet you have a myspace also, which is completely retarded. please kill yourself if you like this band. the singer is terrible and you know it, its too bad the cool thing right now is liking shitty bands to be different, you should like whatever sounds good to you, and if it is taking back sunday, then how the hell are you on the internet because you are mentally retarded. I happen to play guitar and sing and play with a very talented drummer and bass player and taking back sunday is completely untalented
complete retard:"oo i really like taking back sunday they are talented, like damn they are making all that money and they still whine and bitch, gosh its just amazing"
me: "your an idiot" (then i begin the assbeat of all time and many kicks in the face)
dodane przez sexy bastard lipiec 21, 2005
A piece of crap emo band. Most people that say they are hardxcore TBS fans really have only listened to one of their songs, but figure since the really deep kid that brings his guitar to school listens to them, they must be cool. Also see fag.
OmGGzz, lyke IM me at soolasstsummmerrrr or I will cute without the e myself LOLZ! I heart TAKING BACK SUNDAY!! AHH SHOWSS!
dodane przez JMaster listopad 24, 2005
a very overhyped band from Long Island. sure they're a decent band, but nowhere near what they're made out to be. their live shows are very overrated as well...after watchin adam lazarra spin that goddamn mic for an hour, you feel like shoving it up his ass. oh and just about every 13-year old girl in America is obsessed with them just because their friends are.
TBS is an okay band...nothing more, nothing less.
dodane przez catalystuinsist2pullmedown sierpień 18, 2005
gay ass emo band. band that guys (my brother) use to try to impress girls. share the nickname of a television station they suck balls along with these other bands... simple plan(if they even exist), saves the day, story of the year, allister, i dont feel like going on cause im hungry.
"its not singing, its coordinated yelling"... and crying
dodane przez patty mcfatty wrzesień 15, 2004

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