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The name given to the weakest person in a cabin or group that is sexually abused by the others
"Did you see that tasty cakes in cabin 4?!"

"i want a peice of tasty cake's ass"
dodane przez aaron "tasty cakes from cabin 4" holder sierpień 20, 2004
delicious weed
Let's have some tasty cakes in Kai's room, 8pm tonight.

#tasty #tasty cakes #tasty cake #weed #marijuana
dodane przez curlyoung lipiec 29, 2008
An adjective, meaning something is of excellent quality, soft and moist with a creamy centre
That's a totally tastycakes plan!
#tastycakes #tasty #cakes #awesomesauce #lovelybuns
dodane przez ggbrosfan marzec 04, 2010
When a man ejaculates into a woman's anus, and she immediately shits out a cum swirrled poop log, resembling a swiss cake roll.
I had to stop myself from packaging that tasty cake she just gave birth to.
#poop log #mud spike #strawberry shortcake #balloon knot #dirt star
dodane przez turtle_mcflipperpants maj 18, 2011
term of endearment for sexual partner/lover
My tastycake is "all the good things wrapped up in one"!
#baby #honey #sweetie #lover #sexy
dodane przez Marilou marzec 20, 2007
mood killer.
when your having hot intimate passionate sexy sex and the girl, or woman shouts tastycake right before the male is about to have an amazing orgasm. he then becomes soft and limp.

ex: uhh uhhh uhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyy.tastycake.

fuck you bitch
#butt sex #mood killer #cake #nuts #sperm
dodane przez nigerian master lipiec 20, 2009
when a man inserts cake into a woman's vagina then a naked midget eats her out while the woman is taking a shit.
lets go try a tasty cake in the bathroom.
#cake #tasty #taste #midget #woman #man
dodane przez 12354 listopad 09, 2007
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