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A smart and highly intelligent male, with a knack for all things educational. Loves to chat and is able to express himself verbally with much ease. Once you get passed his guarded exterior, he will become your most devoted and loyal friend. He is the one you can count on in the times of trouble; who will always be there to help you out of a jam, or give great advice when you ask. Always willing to mediate a bad situation, or be the shoulder to cry on when life gets tough. Family and friends are everything to him. Loves to laugh and play and therefore has a very mischievous personality, in which leaves you looking over your shoulder for the next practical joke. Loves music and dance and uses this as a means of expression and frustration release when life gets him down. Has a quick temper and dislikes change, but once encouraged into it, he is able to over-come anything with great strength and endurance.
When life gets you down pull a "Teaken".
Life was tough today, but you were my "Teaken".
You were as tricky as a "Teaken" and got away with that.
dodane przez canadian_chick luty 10, 2010
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