to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.
While everyone else was playing the game, he stopped what he was doing and started Tebowing right in the middle of the field.
#tebow #tebowed #teabow #teabowing #pansy
dodane przez BrootalJ październik 28, 2011
(verb) -
The act of looking like a jackass douche bag and embarrassing friends and family by imitating the prayer ritual of a mediocre NFL running back who is credited with miraculous comeback wins even though is it usually the opposing team that completely breaks down and beats themselves in the fourth quarter.
Tebowing can lead to extreme over the top media coverage for basically doing nothing, marriage and divorce to Kim Kardashian, and eventually found naked and dead in a sleazy motel room overdosed on cocaine and Jack Daniels laying next to a male prostitute named Juan.
Dude, look at Bob tebowing near the bar. He keeps this up none of us are gonna get laid!
#tebow #tebowing #douche #jackass #over-rated
dodane przez Xombie Red grudzień 18, 2011
Being hyped beyond belief only to turn out to be nothing more than a massive bust. Similar to the late '90s phenomenon "leafing" (named after Ryan Leaf).
Boy I hope this new QB we drafted pans out. It seems like every QB in the last three years has wound up Tebowing.
#tebowing #busting #football #suck #douchebag
dodane przez non-believer 15 październik 30, 2011
It's like planking, only dumber.
Person 1: What are you doing?

Person 2: Tebowing.

Person 1: Why?

Person 2: Because I have too much time on my hands and thought planking wasn't dumb enough.
#tebowing #dumb #planking #dumber #wtf
dodane przez asjdf październik 28, 2011
Quitting an online game of Madden right after taking a knee when you are about to win, giving yourself the loss. Send your worthy opponent and kind message of "Tebowing"
I was winning 28-17 vs this guy online with ten seconds left, so I did the proper thing and took a knee and quit. I lost, but he knew I was Tebowing.
#tebow #teboowing #teabowing #teabow #tebowing #madden #online #tebowwing #planking #jesus #god #broncos #denver #quarterback #15 #tim
dodane przez dcpetterson listopad 20, 2011
To show appreciation to a higher power on one knee after a long and hard fought game or week of work.
By Friday night, I was just so glad to be done with such a hectic week, I began Tebowing all over the house.
#friar timmy #tebow'd #tebow-dinator #timster #reverand tim
dodane przez Stamper Jon II październik 29, 2011
To become the spokesman for a hate group that's one set of bedsheets away from a klan rally.
Mike: Hey, who's this Tim Tebow guy?

Joe: He's this quarterback who can only throw to receivers' knees and went on national television to show how much he hates women and gays.

Mike: Ohhh. Okay, now I understand 'tebowing.'
#teblow #tebow #tebowed #teboning #fred phelps
dodane przez truthbealiar październik 30, 2011
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