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City located in Arizona in which the main campus of Arizona State University is located.
"Lets go to Tempe and pickup chicks fellow Riddle Rat."
dodane przez Flight Team [mofo] grudzień 27, 2004
Rural city in Arizona, contains rougly 170,000+ citizens. Is the location of Arizona State University (ASU) where a whole bunch of partys happen! Also has one of the highest STD rates amongst colleges in America
Let's go to the party at ASU this weekend!
dodane przez Eric styczeń 12, 2005
1. n. derivative: a distinct temperament of a temple - a small yet powerful ray of sunshine within a dark curtained temple.
2. the most fresh street word used for, tempting or temptation.^
^ I really want to egg my techers' house. It's so Tempe / It's such a Tempe.
dodane przez your Miss Emmy luty 09, 2010
is a food from Indonesia.. made from soy beans
My favorite foods are tempe
dodane przez elf_911 maj 23, 2010