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You just lost it.
dodane przez MSDrest listopad 23, 2010
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"The Game" is the epitome of teenagers being teenagers.

The game is where you try not to think about the game. If you think about the game, you lose the game. When you have lost the game you have to announce that you lost the game (although, I think , 99% of people who play don't say when they have lost). If some one says that they have lost the game within your hearing, its okay, you haven't lost. When some one else loses the game there is a thirty minute grace period for you to stop thinking about the game.

Make sense? No? oops.
Damn, I totally just lost the Game.
dodane przez Alex Canton maj 05, 2007
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The Game Comin street Outta Compton, found by dr. dre
Dre signed to aftermath and dre wanted to make game big and he new 50cent was so he put him in gunit which worked for a lil while, but game didnt like 50cent talkin shit to everyone outta NY beside him & gunit, 50 heard game and didnt like game workin wit Nas, so 50 was done wit game and kicked game out. Game was fine and rebound with Youknowhatitis Vol. 3, Ghost Unit, Stop Snitchin'Stop Lyin' mixtape with also a documantary Stop snitchin' stop lyin'
Dissin gunit through all the mixtapes, he had DJ Skee and also came DJ Clue, Game asked for Blackwallstreet and he got that and has signed many includin Technique and others,
he has M.O.B and Rock star all over his mixtapes dissin Bleek,50,Banks,Yayo,Budden, Sure Knight,Young gunz and lil bit to Young Buck,
The Game Poison Bannanas
Tony Yayo
Get out the way ho
Lloyd Banks just got shot
Technique pass the mack
And aim it at Curtis Jack
You ain't right
Trying to be Frank White
You getting smacked
Little accident murderer
I just now heard of ya
And the next time you disrespect the west, E serving ya
You better lay low
Cause the M.O.B. got some killers on the payroll
I put a million dollar hit on you snitches
Show you why we call ourselves Money Over Bitches

dodane przez K.O.KING kwiecień 18, 2006
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"The Game" Is a scientific mystery that has been plaguing mankind for centuries... well, maybe since the 80's.

There are three rules to The Game.
1. When you learn the rules, you are condemned to playing the game for all eternity.
2. When you think of the game, you lose.
3. You must declare loss by saying to all people in the vicinity, "I Lost The Game!"

People often play with an amendment to rule two, stating that you cannot lose the game by thinking of it when someone declares losing the game. Otherwise, a terrible ripple of losing would spread throughout the world.
dodane przez Anon E. Muse kwiecień 24, 2009
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The life style of a gangsta in the ghetto and/or living poor just trying to survive.
Yo man im rolled in the game bout 5 deep now im flyin high with 52 deep and 2k in the rubberband.
dodane przez Mok1Soldier wrzesień 04, 2007
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1. Upon reading these rules, you are now playing the game.
2. You are always playing the game.
3. Once you think of the game, you lose and must announce it to the world.
4. You win when you die, and therefore can no longer think of the game.
you lost the game.
dodane przez koompandoof luty 21, 2012
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a game that is commonly played in junior high and high school. YOU DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PLAY. once you know about the game, you CANNOT stop playing. the game is forgetting about the game. once you remember the game you lost the game. the rules are, 1. once you remember the game you have to say it outloud that you lost. 2. anyone that remembers the game also loses. 3. you can only lose once within 5 minutes. 4. you cannot quit playing the game. 5. after 5 minutes it starts again. I KNOW IT GETS ANNOYING, it follows you through life. and I KNOW, IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE, but to others, it makes perfect sense. usually anything about remembering or forgetting triggers the memory of the game, which makes you lose. or when you see someone that plays it makes you remember. its kind of fun watching everyones reactions when you lose.
your friends: "UGHHH! I LOST!"
dodane przez hanna hostage grudzień 15, 2007
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