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The Fair's Fair Game (titled as such because of the 'equivalent exchange' rule) is a game that was popularized by the uprising of picture messaging, though the exact origins or time period of the game are unknown. The game's rules are applicable to near any social situation, but is most commonly used in the transfer of revealing photographs (I.E-Pornography). In this version, Person A and Person B both swear an unspoken oath to uphold the game's rules. After such, Person A sends a picture of near anything (whether it be a body part, a plant, or other plausible object/scene), in which Person B will recieve it, and reply with a similar picture. In this fashion, boundaries are gently removed so that both party members feel secure about their decisions, and do not feel swindled or coerced into a bad situation. The Fair's Fair game may also be used with simple text (I.E - secrets). As stated before, it's a simple gesture of exchanging one tidbit of information for another, but at a gradual progression.
Person A - "I only play by the Fair's Fair game."
Person B - "I understand. You start."
Person A - "I like the smell of grapefruits,but not the taste."
Person B - "I prefer tangelos over oranges."
Person A - "I cheated on my math quiz last Saturday."
Person B - "I copied off of you on that same test."
Person A - "I think Haley needs to lose weight."
Person B - "I think Shannon needs to gain weight."
Person A - "I had a crush on Suzie in the 7th grade."
Person B - "I had a crush on you in the 7th grade."
dodane przez Antapex grudzień 08, 2010
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