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A really cool band which comes from Las Vegas Nevada. Somebody told me is a really good song, and if you've never heard of them check them out at
Somebody told me
that you have a boyfriend
who looks like a girlfriend
that I had in february of last year
dodane przez Kristina Delonge czerwiec 21, 2004
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Kick-ass awesome band. The fact that they're so popular with the MTV types gives me hope for humanity, that maybe people still do have some taste.
Save some face, you know you've only got one.
dodane przez Me kwiecień 20, 2005
a cool new band from las vegas, who did a really good performance at this years Glastonbury (big english festival)
brill songs include: Andy you're a star, Mr Brightside, Somebody told me and Believe me Natalie
dodane przez Colette2000 sierpień 04, 2005
An incredibly talented band from the heart of Las Vegas. Perhaps THE greatest band this world has ever heard. Their first album, "Hot Fuss", took the world by storm. "Hot Fuss" can be best compared to 80's glam rock and is comprised of eleven upbeat tracks that will both inspire you and make you want to hit the dance floor. The Killers sophomore album, "Sam's Town", which everyone thought would become a "sophomore slump" like so many other artists second albums become, is in fact, the opposite. "Sam's Town" is quite possibly the best album ever created. Focusing on an "Americana" theme and named after an old run down casino in Las Vegas where bassist Mark Stoermer used to go bowling, "Sams Town" stands for everything America used to be, everything great that was and is no more, and everything it can be. It's filled with tracks that will build you up, take you down, and then build you up again. It will make you laugh and make you cry. With vocals reaching perfection by front man Brandon Flowers, this album is amazing. Ignorant people who bash The Killers have no taste in music and do not want to accept the fact that The Killers ARE and WILL CONTINUE to grow as THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD.
Hi, The Killers are amazing.
Yeah, I'm having them.
dodane przez Candfitz listopad 08, 2007
An indie band from Las Vegas, Nevada that plays synth music. Has several hits, including "Somebody Told Me" and the more widely known "Mr. Brightside." Though still signed to an indie label, many people might consider them "mainstream." They currently have only one album out, entitled Hot Fuss. Oh, and they kick major assage.
Have you listened to The Killers new single, "All These Things That I've Done"?
dodane przez meanchicklet czerwiec 28, 2005
The best new group out there. Very talented guys who have big dreams to make it big which they are already achieving. They are no one hot wonders they will be around for years to come.Have their own unique style in clothes and their music.Boylove is also associated with this band while performing.Their starting point was Las Vagas and their finishing point is still out of reach, as they will be around for a very long time to come.
1. 'The killers' are aswome
2.Dave and Brandon share 'Boylove' on stage.
3.A very talented group
4.Unique in everyway
5.Not afraid to dream big
6.Heading for the top
7.A hot 4 piece
8.Loyal to their fans
9.Changing music
10.They are not literally killers.
dodane przez Midnight-Jenny marzec 13, 2005
Very awesome band. Great music with great lyrics. Check them out.

some lyrics by the Killers:

"Choking on your allibi"

"Smile like you mean it"

"I've got soul but im not a soldier"
dodane przez meno sierpień 30, 2005
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