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A prison guard or jail guard.
Antoine yelled for more food until the turnkey walked up to his cell and told him to shut up.
dodane przez PMax marzec 15, 2008
50 7
Something that is finished and ready to go. A car that has been completely restored and every detail is flawless. Being ready to go on a trip, bags packed, passport in hand, money in pocket.
Damm, look at that chevy, that things turn key.

Were leaving at 3 pm, you better be turn key or we will leave your ass.
dodane przez two hands grudzień 17, 2007
21 6
A complete end to end solution requiring no additional effort.
The computer came with a tunrkey installation.
dodane przez FyrFytr październik 13, 2003
42 32
A correctional officer
Hey turn key, this toilet is stopped up; may I use another cell.
dodane przez Griot wrzesień 10, 2010
5 0
An overused, overstated word that web designers use to emphasize services.
Complete turnkey solutions for your business!
dodane przez ekeyte styczeń 14, 2007
17 29
Work left to a competent source to complete, ready to go when needed.
It's a turnkey operation.
dodane przez indepman październik 12, 2003
11 25
What you have to do once you place the key in the locked door knobe!
" TrunKey Now Beoitch"
dodane przez Cassie Montgomery wrzesień 30, 2003
5 58