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To fuck-up, or freakout.
Damn Nigga You Twick.
dodane przez Puff marzec 23, 2005
Half twit, half dick; a real intolerable ass that loves to spew absolute nonsense.
My new co-worker is such a twick, you need earplugs to have a pleasant conversation with him.
dodane przez ibichibi1 czerwiec 04, 2009
Amalgamation of "twat" and "prick." A non-gender specific term applied to a person exhibiting genitalia-like qualities; generally a very pretentious or arrogant individual.
Wow, that president of BP Oil guy was a serious twick when he called us 'little people.'
dodane przez jamestspock lipiec 07, 2010
To cancel or temporarily interrupt a service paid for without notice to the customer when the provider wants to reduce costs and hopes the disruption will go unnoticed. From the acronym for Time Warner Cable (TWC) and the term "trick".
I was watching that show online and at a critical point the feed TWiCked! Argh!
dodane przez Doctor Jargon kwiecień 25, 2009
A contraction for totally wicked.

Generally used as an exclaimation

"Yo man, those new kicks are t-wick."

"Thats gnar that you shredded was t-wick."

"I had the most t-wick weekend in Canada, ever!"

dodane przez t-wickness czerwiec 12, 2008
A Teeny Weeny Dick,Someone that is an asshole, A small joint
or blunt
Girl don't fuck him, I heard he's got a twick!
I hate my Boss he is such a twick!
We need a roach clip to smoke this twick
dodane przez CoCo Blaze listopad 02, 2007
skinny little girl
What a twick, she must be like a size 0!!
dodane przez Rhonda luty 02, 2004