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a rich suburb of philly where half the population is really spoiled liberal jews, while the other half is conservative white christian money hoarders. well, no, thats not true, because there are a few blacks, but they all live in north hills where the houses are like shoeboxes. the asians, all of who are korean, are just as rich as the whites but they dont associate with anyone else except for other asians. besides the blacks, everyone lives in big mansions with ten bathrooms and three car garages where all the spoiled kids who are out of touch with reality get high/drunk every day after school and the weekends. this is why the nickname is Upper Druglin/Drugland, but really it's mostly just drinking. the parents never notice this behavior b/c they are always out of town on business or playing tennis/golf. everyone belongs to country clubs, and drives mercedes, bmws, audis, lexuses, and porsches, even the kids. the school is one of the best in the state because the teachers all make $100,000 a year. the girls are all prissy and blonde and wear abercrombie and fitch, and the guys dont really care about anything but getting head. its necessary for all the girls to have louis vuitton purses, which their parents buy for them, and its not a lie that some parents pay for their kids to get plastic surgery if they ask. every spring break everyone goes to some caribbean island, or florida, because everyones grandparents live there. and in the summer, the kids go on school trips to france, italy, australia, etc, b/c everyone has so much money. basically, its suburban hell.
I saw some prissy jap at the mall. she got out of a mercedes and had a louis vuitton purse. she must be from upper dublin.
dodane przez richjap lipiec 25, 2006
this is a suburb where kids think it's cool to walk around on the street, smoking pot until they all amazingly end up at either Nick's Pizza or MGP. we go to brew ha ha and see all the local bands and go to the ark cuz we like loud stuff. kids get high. we all have sex. sex goes on at the school. if u didn't know that, i'm sorry for you. it's ridiculous. but it's home.
Hail Upper Druglin, we get high
Crack and LSD

come on kids ... you know how it goes
a place where rich little jews think that drugs and sex are abundant. they are not. it is one of the cleaner suburbs, and i dare you to find ONE dealer. not just some stupid teen who grows dope in his room. no, a drug dealer. oh whats that? you cant find it. get over it. stop trying to make UD sound so drug infested. if you want to live in a neighborhood like that, move to Philly.
upper dublin indeed is not upper drugland.
dodane przez master p marzec 03, 2005
a small suburb outside of philadelphia that's very estranged from the rest of civilized society. Most of the residents are either church attending staunch republicans with bush chaney stickers on their BMW SUV's, while the rest are Jews and Burn out druggies. There's lots of of drugs. The po9 are always out in full force, but they have no clue. You want zannies? perkaset? weed? hash? pcp? meth? coke? You got it! Come to good ole' Upper Dublin, home of the flying Cardinals. Ever wonder why it's the flying cardinals? Thats right-they're high...
Dude I need to get high, let's roll up in UD and get some shit for the weekend and then maybe we can drive around because theres nothing better to do
dodane przez B marzec 02, 2005
The promised land that God had promised the Jews from Egypt. They came here and settled and reproduced a lot and decided to be bad kids. Therefore, 50% Jew, 30% white, 15% asian, and 15% black. The jews are rich as hell and get drugs and alcohol to get drunk or high everyday or on the weekends with their parents money. They think it's so dam cool to waste their life and money on drugs and shit. Half of the kids here ultimately fail at life meaning school and think its cool and goes to Montgo. University where they will get a job at McDonalds. Upper dublin aka upper drugland is abundant with happy drunk ass jews with weed, alcohol, and sex with any drunk bitch because all the girls here are either dumb as shit and slutty or ugly and smart as balls and have no personality. And the ok ones are shy as shit. Upper Drugland is also a wigger district. All these white boys and jews think they are black as shit by listening to black rap and hanging their pants down while they got no style. They think they are so G by wearing jordans and buying drugs or cars with their clean parents money. Then they live it up by going to Nick's pizza to eat some pizza. Mean while their dumb ass parents just dont care or are too busy with their rich ass lives. wtf? Kiss my ass you fucking wiggers start acting white you dumb crackers. Also the whites just troll the jews. And since the jews have known each other from pre school and are the majority in school, they get to choose who is cool. continued..
If you need drugs and dont want to go to Philly, come to upper dublin!
dodane przez India4Shomybro luty 24, 2010
The Jews promised land.
Damn, a Jew. Must be from Upper Dublin. If not Upper Dublin then hell ir someother place like israel.
dodane przez Billybitch luty 12, 2011
II Mostly they cast out most of the asians and blacks and play in their little jew world where they dont know any asians or blacks. Therefore Asians and blacks have to make their own friends becasue they are not accepted. Asians are all smart but there are two types. Nerdy as shit or just unique and cool and funny in a whole different way that the jews does not know how to react to it. They do what the fuck they want and the nerdy ones live by the rules and suck on teacher's dicks. Blacks live in North Hills and equally get high and drunk as well. But they are dumb as shit and are all in track 4 classes and think its cool to surround the elevators in the hall ways. They also think they live in the ghettos.... They are dumb asses that live in little poor ass shoe boxes where no shooting has happened in like gazillion years. Asians and blacks are excluded from the jew group but doesnt really care because they think the jews are gay as well and mostly the koreans are the cool kids. UD are good at some sports some years but mostly suck dick at sports but we claim to be soo good at it. Indians are just not included and invisible in this school. But after high school, with their 4.4 GPA they will rise up in this world and fucking rape on all of the dumb hos, and bloop in their mouth.
If you need drugs come to Upper Dublin and get some from these high jews!
dodane przez India4Shomybro luty 24, 2010
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