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A silly, funny, pretty, unique girl with a nice heart. Also a good nickname for vivienne.
"She is so funny! She must be a Viv!"
dodane przez Coolcat360 maj 28, 2013
16 1
to vivs someone is to take something and not regret it in the slightest

it is a character trait most notable amongst the ginger community.

a vivs would take your pie and eat it in front of you.
hey mehaka, that fuckin vivs just stole my double
dodane przez Mike "Melvin" Syddall maj 04, 2008
15 5
very itchy vagina
i have a viv
dodane przez Aoife Mary listopad 18, 2011
24 34
very important vagina; see vip
i stuck a stickynote on my pants that pointed upward and said "VIV"
dodane przez Krazy_kat kwiecień 28, 2005
64 77