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With A Passion
ILYWAP - I love you with a passion
I love this song WAP - I love this song with a passion
I hate that WAP - I hate that with a passion
dodane przez ashmal październik 28, 2010
8598 174
Derogatory term for persons of Italian decent.
All the waps are in the mob.
dodane przez krazykritter lipiec 14, 2005
435 312
Wireless Access Point
Broadcasts the internet through a signal.
802.11a - 54mbps, 5.0GHz
802.11b - 11mbps, 2.4GHz
802.11g - 54mbps, 2.4GHz
dodane przez CypherXero grudzień 17, 2003
241 170
the sound a dick makes when you hit it with a spoon
hey, what are you doing with that spoon woman?
dodane przez anonymous styczeń 31, 2004
398 331
actually wop - derogatory term for a person of italian descent. WOP is an acronym for 'with out papers', referring to the hordes of immigrants (italian or otherwise) that flooded New York City in the early 1900's before immigration policies were instituted.
1. That wap stole my pizza
2. Damn wap's comin' straight off the boat! "DER TOOK'ER JERBS!"
dodane przez emptyfox kwiecień 03, 2008
123 92
Look at the waps on that bitch. Or Nice Wappage!
dodane przez anonymous październik 17, 2003
67 43
Short for Wapatui. Midwestern United States slang for punch served in a bucket at college parties that contains kool-aid, fruit and several bottles of the most vile and cheap hard liqour available. Preffered by underagers who haven't learned to like beer, but is deadly stuff.

In other parts of the States this is known as Jungle Juice.
I went to that WAP party last night, and I can't stop vomiting now.
dodane przez Süz maj 08, 2005
89 73