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public high school (established 1940) located in Weehawken, NJ which is combined with middle school, grades 7-12, more than 80% black/hispanics, mascot-indians, around 500 students, 3 floors. Very little and not in good condition, extracurricular activities and sports included but not all due to finances. Even if school provides some clubs such as cheer leading and Band, they still suck because students are extremely lazy, surprisingly 12 graders as well, do not know how to behave and act mature. A lot of chongas, no hotties. Majority of people, like 99% stick to each other pretending they are friends, but talk behind each others back. Students don't mind their own business and love drama, well probably because it is not a good mannered area or small school. The good thing is view on manhattan in a couple of blocks and...thats about it :) There is almost no cafeteria, so students sit on the floor by their lockers, staircases or some of them go out to eat at El Unico and order the same thing over and over " beans, chicken and rice" and talking shit about their best friends. Graduates scared to move and looking for small universities in NJ and always with their little hawken community, high school "friends". Not all of the teachers can teach, so reading books is one of the ways out to get a good grade.
Weehawken High School lost another game like last week, but were good at other "competitions".
dodane przez CaramellCrystall czerwiec 13, 2011
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