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The poorest part of Milton MA, stretching from Mattapan to the West Side Tedeschi's, to Hudson Street, to the Neponset River. Althought it is not as celebrated as much as the East Side of Milton, West Milton is clearly the superior part of Milton. It is both feared and respected by the rest of Milton, as shown from the Facebook group "Milton, MA." "Whenever you drive down Blue Hills Parkway, your mother makes you lock your door and roll up your window once you enter the city. " West Milton plays home to a very diverse mix of people unlike the E which only has white-Irish-Catholics. A true West Milton-er recognizes it's dominance over the East Side, but remains modest and does not become obnoxious. He also knows the "East-Side Gangsters" are privledged pricks who are wannabe ghetto. From the traffic signs turned upside down, to the graffiti and trash in the temple parking lot, West Milton is the proud home of many, including Mugabe. West Milton is also known for it's epic pick-up games of various sports including football, wiffleball, and hockey. West Milton is a quiet, yet proud brotherhood which has, and will remian tough and danerous.
"All you haetrs better come to the West Milton before you start talking shit..."
dodane przez West Side Pride czerwiec 06, 2007
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