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a man who beats on a woman. Woman Beater can apply to men who verbally, mentally or physically abuse women to make up for their own weaknesses and insecurities. They usually dont have much going in their lives and it makes them feel better to pick on women to make up for their failures.
Vitale is such a woman beater. Fucking Scumbag.
dodane przez h3s4d styczeń 15, 2008
316 114
A man who beats up woman. Usual a man who gets drunk and/or has low self-esteem.
The woman beater went to gaol.
dodane przez (Mr) M.J.Gorham maj 21, 2005
250 113
If your name is chris you might be a woman beater.

Hey chris can i have an autograph.
Boom drives women in the face.

Chris Brown Woman Beater
Chris Jericho Woman Beater
dodane przez mitch morrisseau luty 11, 2009
125 53
Chris Brown is a woman beater.
dodane przez DKsDownBInTheAir lipiec 15, 2009
93 49
a man, usually larger than his significant other, who slaps, kicks, or physically torments his female partner
I heard Harley's ex boyfriend hit everyone he went out with. That Neta is such a woman beater!
dodane przez Sue See Anne maj 15, 2009
44 23
a tank top for men that r kelly wore in the video with sparkle.
i had my womanbeater on when my wife came home and i beatt that ass
dodane przez Jessica maj 14, 2004
4 13
Chris Brown
Chris Brown iz cute but he a woman beater so i hate him na
dodane przez I love Aubrey Drake Graham sierpień 07, 2009
30 44