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yeyo means cocaine ultimatley in Cuba...it been used by Cubans for a long time...that previous comment is totally true....
you got the yeyo?!?! (Omar)
dodane przez Aldrin wrzesień 22, 2005
Misspelling of "llelo," the ghetto spanish term for crack.

pro-nun-see-A-shun: yeh'yo
dodane przez Anonymous październik 06, 2003
slang for crack cocaine
you wanna go smoke a lil' yeyo?
dodane przez wickedmonkey wrzesień 16, 2003
It is Colombia's national product; cocaine
And for all yall dummies quoting SCARFACE, get it right. He says:

Chi Chi, Chi Chi... get the yeyo...
dodane przez JayJaySmoothe grudzień 19, 2005
spanish for cocaine
Rush rush, got the yeyo?
Buzz buzz, gimme yeyo
Rush rush, got the yeyo? Uh oh
Yo yo, no no yeyo, uh oh
dodane przez sTeALtH listopad 17, 2003
Cuban slang referring to cocaine. Most likely derived from the Spanish word "Hielo" which means snow.
You got the dinero I got the yeyo!
dodane przez mrmontie listopad 08, 2007
slang for crack
hey whittie lay off the yeyo or hook it up!!!
dodane przez MARY maj 12, 2004