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a skin condition where pores become clogged and an inflammation appears on the skin...almost all people suffer from it at some point and, unlike popular believe, doesn't make someone unattractive and isn't a social disease
The girl with acne was so intriguing and insightful, I didn't even notice she had any acne.
dodane przez LightBrightInTheNight sierpień 16, 2005
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A gay skin condition probably caused by all the crap the FDA let's food distributors put in our food that causes red bumps to come up on your face, back, chest, and sometimes your arms. Sometimes acne is so bad that some people (Like me) have to go on Accutane only to be let down by it 5 months later because your acne is so severe and you got conjuctivitis and bloody pores for nothing.
Dermatologist: Okay, well since the Proactive, the deoxyzyfane and the other thing I can't pronounce hasn't worked for your acne for more than a month, I guess I'll put you on something else...

Bobbie: Okay...

Dermatologist: It's called Profynozylophate (Cough) Accutane (Cough)

Bobbie: Alright...

Dermatologist: Side effects are nothing, just you might contract conjunctivitis (Cough) or have your pores bleed, lose some hair, or in some rare causes might die since it nukes your face.

Bobbie: I didn't hear anything you said

Dermatologist: Well it wasnt important anyway so when can we get you on it?
dodane przez UpperGreens wrzesień 02, 2007
The common and the cheapest contraceptive in an teens life.
The girl with acne was so intriguing and insightful, I didn't even notice she had any acne
dodane przez NoNameDefintion grudzień 31, 2010
A horrible skin condition which causes puss-filled pockets under your skin to form, often times becoming red and inflamed. The condition may be alleviated by using topical acne creams/wash/pads consisting of salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide. However, for some people, their acne tends to be fucking gay and never really go away, even temporarily. As a result, those suffering from it will feel like shit and want to kill themselves because their face is hideous and unattractive (remember, the face makes the picture).
dude 1: dude, what the fuck happened to your face?!
dude 2: its called a torturous condition called acne.
dude 1: man, with your face looking as ugly as it is, I'm sure you wouldn't wanna be out in public
dude 2: got that right asshole, I hate my life
dodane przez rallymaniac92 październik 27, 2009
The ultimate tool of gods for ruining a teenager's social life.
The girl's acne was so bad, I didn't even notice she was intriguing and insightful.
dodane przez ChristmasSteve sierpień 18, 2011
Nature's way of telling you that you are not quite ready for sex.
Mother Nature: So many teenage pregnancies... what can I do to make them never want to leave their bathrooms...

Teenage Girl: OH NO! NOT ACNE!
dodane przez Cannibalistic Cucumber styczeń 04, 2011
A skin condition in which pores become clogged and inflamed with sebum, the natural oil that your skin produces. This inflammation leads to pus, bacteria, and redness in the affected area.

Usually occurring in varying degrees in the teenage years because of hormones, but can show up in adults as well. There is also a strong genetic component to acne.

There is no cure for acne, only treatment, which ranges from salicylic acid to the more serious accutane.

Check out for a regimen that really helps clear up skin. Trust me, it works well if you follow it.
Dude 1: That dude had huge acne all over his face, that must really make him feel like shit.

Dude 2: Yeah dude, but accutane helps acne even though your skin gets so dry your lips bleed and if you get pregnant your baby will have a tail.

Dude 1: Dude yeah accutane helps but didn't fully clear it for me dude. I used 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and lotion twice a day and that helped loads. You should check out for a good regimen using this formula dude.
dodane przez AcneBeGone wrzesień 09, 2009

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