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the stuff that comes out of your ass on the toilet
i just baked an anal cake in the bathroom
dodane przez hogy maj 24, 2005
Oh man, I just made some horrible anal cakes. Don't go in the bathroom!
dodane przez Burger70 luty 23, 2010
crust building up around your butt hole.
yo biatch, go clean your analcake.
dodane przez miguel marzec 04, 2005
This is what builds up around your anal orifice from too much lovin with a 60 yearold man named Jethro, who has a fetish for sniffing shit diapers and manually releasing himself on the door knobs of abortion clinics in idaho. fuck your mother.
"Mom, will you chissel the analcake off my arse and serve it to me with some coffee? Yeah, thats it...jiggle it around..."
dodane przez Senior El Jalepeno marzec 02, 2005