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Cosmetic technique whereby strong bleaching solutions like hydroquinones are used to lighten the anal area. This procedure is employed by strippers, body builders, actors and actresses. Seems over time, the butticular area becomes darker (some say it's due to dark foods like coffee, others speculate it's due to staining from the bilirubin content in feces.) Either way, those who aspire to wear butt floss as swimwear or do pole dancing seem to feel a lighter sphincter will improve their image.

The treatment is said to sting quite a bit.
Canula made her third appointment for anal bleaching. Despite her husband Fafner's assurance that he found her hindquarters pleasing enough as they were, Canula felt that the skin around her inner buttocks could use a good bleaching.

The treatment stung a lot, frankly, it was worse than that case of diaper rash she remembered from that unfortunate time..well, not to dwell on past failures.

When she healed up a week later, Canula donned her best thong and did a fine striptease for Fafner on their bedroom pole. Fafner agreed, her lightened sphincter was really a lot sexier and it even glowed in the dark.

This last observation puzzled Canula.
dodane przez Luigi the real one stop stealing my name kwiecień 21, 2006
The act of changing the pigmetation of the epidermass sorrounding the anal orphus.
At the local strip club bam thought to herself as a coworker bent over on stage; holey shitter I shuold talk to her about analbleaching.
dodane przez Dave&Barb kwiecień 17, 2007
The act of whitening one's dark, ugly, ring around the anus. Method used for a more violent method of anal
Step 1: Fill washing machine with bleach
Step 2: Shove ass in washing machine
Step 3: Protect other private areas to prevent spotting
Step 4: Turn "spin cycle" on high (for best results)
Step 5: Drip dry until damp
Step 6: Blow dry excess moisture



- Gel bleach is preffered for extra lubrication and a more precise bleaching
- If you use generic bleach and have issues, just simply SHOUT IT OUT!
- Febreeze anus if bleach smell is overwheling or hindering your chances of getting some action

Side Effects:
- Bruising (due to the washing machine now up your ass)
- Un-fuckableness if done wrong
- Could abort a pregnancy if bleach is inserted in wrong hole. (Remember, this is an anal procedure)
- This can be a dangerous sport for anyonewith Anal Obsessive Disorder (AOD)

- You are officially a Fucktard if you attempted this mission

*Contact your doctor or mother, whichever one gives better advice, before attempting anal bleaching
dodane przez Dinkky wrzesień 08, 2010
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