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Slang: Derogetory. I don't give a damn.
"Check out my new suspenders!"
dodane przez Jossie czerwiec 30, 2004
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Ho, I'm awesome!
dodane przez dildomonkey417 grudzień 07, 2013
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a word that is over used. People use it to describe dumb things. Not often lived up to epic proportions
Dude: That shirt is so awesome
Dude #2: Dude, you should learn the definition of awesome
dodane przez Interwebs Master lipiec 08, 2012
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Devin Wanberg
Devin is awesome !!
dodane przez Urmomizfunny marzec 26, 2012
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{insert mirror here}
I am awesome, and now I have proof
dodane przez SirAnonymousIII październik 27, 2011
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This beer is making me awesome.
dodane przez lesley3882 październik 13, 2011
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awesome is amber tomatoe she is cool pimp and chill.
amber is the definition of awesome
wow thts so amber(hhahahaha)
amber is awesome
sabrina,alan,giselle,tina,sarah,shelby,ryan,and all my other friends are all awesome if u not my friend ut NOT awesome
dodane przez amber tomatoe październik 07, 2011
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