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it is a dance trip for the bloods for their revenge to the crips......
puppet dance
dodane przez EhL SuPLadO styczeń 06, 2004
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b walk blood dance blood walk blood-walk
a dance or step that a blood performs after the murder of a rival gang
member or is performed to insult the
rival gang
dodane przez Anonymous czerwiec 25, 2003
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The B-walk or otherwise known as the Blood walk was originally created by Lil' Rotney, Nephew of Dj Quik. DJ Quik then took the dance and added variations the final product of which was known as the Skip Walk. The B-Walk was first performed on stage by DJ Quik and Mossberg in a show in which they sport yellow shirts at the Recita Country Club. It was first done as a routine and was meant as such until people began to Crip walk against it and therefore came to be known as the B-Walk. The B-Walk was never meant to be taken as seriously as the Crip walk but more as a dance routine and something to have fun with.
DJ Quik's B WALK (Blood Walk) video on his DVD Visualism.

dodane przez Das Kojak wrzesień 14, 2007
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