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A residential garage that has been converted to look like a public bar.
G-Man spent some in a barage on Veterans Day twisting off.
dodane przez sssscot listopad 10, 2006
the extent to which the bars are present(or lack there of) on a cell phone
Hey, I got no barage out here in the desert!

Mr. Jahn said, "Hey, I got full barage in the library."
dodane przez Six_Flags_Kid_NJ grudzień 12, 2008
Barber shop located inside a garage
I just got a fresh-up at the barage, my fade is tight.
dodane przez ThewhapsticK luty 29, 2012
a boat garage. many are found on saint regis exploratory overnight in the lake of sait regis.
They parked their boat in their barage before they went into their lake house.
dodane przez blumblebee sierpień 24, 2010