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(v)to insult something
Quit bashing tat Xbox user -- It's not his fault he didn't realize it was crap
dodane przez Richard Ward luty 27, 2004
365 163
to masturbate furiously.
Yo, that nasty dude up in the bathroom is bashin' it!
dodane przez Wanksta styczeń 29, 2003
380 273
to through a party which is usually a spur of the moment thing.
i'm having a small bash round mine later... you coming?
dodane przez *Alex* kwiecień 21, 2005
186 103
a giant party
Man, the party last week was a total bash!
dodane przez Anonymous listopad 01, 2003
142 72
BASH - BASH Superceded 'sh', the original unix shell. BASH stands for Bourne Again Shell.

Other shells:
ksh (Korn Shell), sh- Original Shell. There are many others
Bash is available for free from the GNU/Bash website.
dodane przez Justin Britt marzec 25, 2004
219 153
Bash means to beat someone up. Punch, or fight with
Bob wants to "bash" that muthafucka coz he feels like it!
dodane przez EILEEEEEN październik 25, 2005
145 90
v. To bash.
The act of submitting one or more lines from an IRC conversation to the bash.org database.
dodane przez Targen grudzień 02, 2002
106 75