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punk, bitch, weakling
Man, u cant even cheat on tha test, u a lil bia
dodane przez Lil Mama marzec 21, 2003
213 84
slang for bitch, can be found most popular in lil john's song "Bitch", normally used to describe someone who has a bad attitude or is just being difficult to deal with in general
It's ok, bia bia gonna get hers...
dodane przez Str8reppinva lipiec 10, 2006
173 75
A beyeatch, that is such a beyeatch that you have to repeat it at least twice.
"Bia Bia, don't be such a bia bia and suck this ween... Oh snap! You bia bia bia, you didn't have to bite it."
dodane przez lexlaser grudzień 22, 2003
111 59
1:another way to call someone a bitch
2: a song lil jon sings
bia bia shut the hell up
"why u acting like a like bia bia!"
dodane przez colondude lipiec 17, 2006
46 25
Bia Bia, stop actin like a biatch and put yo hands up!
dodane przez Nico czerwiec 07, 2003
43 42
hey bitch
hey bia
dodane przez carrie październik 14, 2003
47 47
a dickhead who feels like dissing people on a website
The biabia can suck his moms dick because he has nothing better to do with his life
dodane przez Matt Baker luty 02, 2005
11 13