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A game started in Gainesville, where you fill up any "big container" (some people play with pitchers at a bar, or big bowls, etc.) and the first person starts chugging out of the "big container" while everyone chants (starting slow and getting faster) BIG CON-TAIN-ER!!! then when that person chugs as much as they can they pass it on.
When the USF girls came to Gainesville, some of the boys of SAE asked them if they wanted to play big container, gave them a pitcher and told them to start chugging as they all chanted BIG CON-TAIN-ER and got the bar to rage as everyone got drunk!
#big #container #chug #chant #drunk
dodane przez girlgirlgirlgirlgirl wrzesień 17, 2010
A game started in Northeast PA. You fill up a the biggest container you can find with various types of alcohol. Then, participants must chug it. The chant is "Big container, Big container. Who is going to drink from the big container. (insert name) x3 is going to drink from the big container!"

The game continues until the container is empty. It can only be played after midnight.
Big container, Big container. Who is going to drink from the big container? Nick! Nick! Nick is going to drink from the big container!
#big container #alcohol #drinking #games #midnight
dodane przez nevernude13 lipiec 18, 2011
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