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1. To have an inside joke or share a secret with one or more people

2. To be in league with one or more people trying to accomplish a collective goal
John: Dude we should start a trend by getting everyone to start saying cuntbag.

Josh: Sweet! Great idea!
John: Hop in my birdhouse!
dodane przez MayorMcCheese118 listopad 29, 2012
An overly stretched out butthole that stays open and you can see inside.
I bet I could fit a roll of quaters in that girls bird house without useing and form of lube
dodane przez scottie vaughan październik 23, 2006
A vagina.
"I put my bird in her bird house last night."
dodane przez Billy.Klippert maj 06, 2009
A small house that feeds birds. Put one in your soul
Make a little birdhouse in your soul...
dodane przez Keegster kwiecień 24, 2003
Kick ass skateboard makers/sponsers
Dude 1: Dude that birdhouse board you scored is sweet!
Dude 2: I know man, I'm such a hardcore nugget.
Dude 1: Werd \m/
dodane przez MsNugget marzec 26, 2005