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1. A small cake of shortened bread leavened with baking powder or soda.

2. A thin, crisp cracker or cookie. (British)

3. A kind of unraised bread formed into flat cakes, and bakes hard, ie ship biscuit, sea biscuit.
1. I'm gonna have some biscuits and gravy.

2. Biscuits and *WHAT?!*

3. I'm don't even bother to eat 'em anymore. I just use 'em to patch up the boat.
dodane przez Laser Potato sierpień 24, 2004
22 32
refers to the mind; what someone is thinking
Yo, man, what's on your biscuit?
dodane przez Victoria marzec 13, 2004
7 17
A legendary postor on the infamous 'North Stand Chat'.
Biscuit, up the friggin Clock Tower. PUNK.
dodane przez Richard luty 21, 2004
1 11
another word for head, that weight orb that sits atop one's body.
that guys' gotta big biscuit
dodane przez celestia marzec 14, 2003
2 12
a little something on the sidewalk or the side of your plate that thinks it is more important than it is but actually the whole world could easily live without it-
- " Randy said he'd have killed somebody if he woulda been there when they said that and in fact he was just going out the door to go over there and regulate but then a meteor struck his house ..." \\ - " Randy is a biscuit "
dodane przez nine eyed eel listopad 05, 2007
1 12
soft and fluffy person. Also a prision term for a bitch.
Shut up biscuit
dodane przez Biscuit kwiecień 01, 2004
7 18
Your bollocks
OHHHHHHHHHH you caught me in the biscuits
dodane przez David luty 17, 2004
4 16